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Boosting Local African Community

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Boosting Local African Community

11 Mar 2021

By being a social impact driven corporate, we aim to boost the local African community in a sustainable way. Africa’s economy is facing several challenges, and we aim to play an active role in helping Africa overcome these challenges by boosting the local community.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We aim to address 8 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations. Through our sustainable operations design, we will address economic growth and development in Africa. We believe that this is the right time for Africa to merge with the western world in terms of living standards and economic opportunities. Click here to find out more about our SDGs on our website.

Unemployment Challenge

Out of all of the challenges that the African economy is facing, the high unemployment rate remains one of the most alarming issues that needs serious consideration. Through Zwarttech Talent Academy (ZTA), we aim to provide African talent with top-notch IT training so that they can access the local IT market without any difficulties. Our business practices also aim to provide the best African talent with high-quality international job opportunities.

However, that’s not all! Along with the high unemployment rate, Africa is facing another major problem: its skilled human capital migrating to other economically developed countries in search of better employment, draining the country out of its skilled human capital. However, in order to sustainably address these challenges, we came up with a remote working platform. We provide African-based IT talent with quality international job opportunities while staying in their home countries and working remotely. In this way, these talents become remote engineers, boosting their local economy by investing in their home countries and are also not separated by their loved ones for the sake of employment.

Boosting local community

With bridging this gap between Africa and the West, Zwarttech took a step forward to directly impact the local African community and bring a positive change. Our team constantly comes up with innovative ideas to boost the local community in Africa. From campaigns such as Each Euro Matters to Zwart Talent Academy (ZTA), we are leaving no stone unturned to help bring smiles on millions of faces!

Visit our NGO and Partner page on our website to learn more about our team’s great initiatives to support development in Africa.

Partner With Us

We consider ourselves to be mindful people and our partnerships surely reflect this. We are maximising economic development by mobilising knowledge globally; this will benefit both the western and African economies. While western economies enjoy the optimal price/quality ratio, our socially driven way of working ensures that corporations benefit and that individuals in Africa gain from the transatlantic partnerships’ economic success.

So don’t hesitate to partner with us if you are also working towards making a sustainable impact on African communities’ lives.

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