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Partnership & NGOs

At Zwarttech, we consider ourselves to be mindful people and our partnerships surely reflect this. We are maximising economic development by mobilising knowledge globally; this will benefit both the Western and African economies. While economies enjoy the optimal price/quality ratio, our socially driven way of working ensures that corporations benefit and that individuals gain from the transatlantic partnerships’ economic success.

Each euro matters

We are a socially driven organisation with an aim to leave a positive impact on the lives of everyone we work with. Our team constantly comes up with innovative ideas for social return. In January 2020, Zwarttech took an initiative to donate €1 for every hour an engineer is engaged to an organization. For example, if 10 engineers are at work for 32 hours a week for 9 months that would total to €11.520 in donations alone. We carefully selected 5 NGO’s (and its programs) for possibly donating to. The final purpose of this donation will be determined by our clients, where they will be able to select the project. In this way, our customers can actively contribute and also use this in their own corporate social responsibility program and report.

Main sponsor of Zwart Talent Foundation

Zwarttech is the main sponsor of the Zwart Talent Foundation. The Zwart Talent Foundation was founded in March 2021 and consists of the Zwart Talent Academy (ZTA) and the Zwart Talent Entrepreneurial Hub (ZTEH). It was founded with an aim to empower African youth to seize global opportunities, while boosting the local African economy.

Zwart Talent Academy

The Zwart Talent Academy aims to educate more than 2000 students in 5 years. The academy aims to provide world-class educating and training to students in small interactive groups. From highly experienced teachers to state-of-the-art classrooms, the Academy is all set to empower the African youth to compete in the global IT market. You can read more on Zwart Talent Academy - Zwart Talent - Get Trained On Technology Based Skills.

Entrepreneurial Hub

We believe that autonomy and exploration are vital to the success of individuals and that everyone deserves the opportunity to exercise entrepreneurship in an equal and trustworthy environment. Zwart Talent aims to support entrepreneurs to start, grow and scale their business by providing an efficient workspace with internet and uninterrupted power supply. Along with entrepreneurs, our Zwarttech talent will also be able to make use of this efficient workspace to conduct their tasks and work more effectively. You can read more on the Zwart Talent Foundation website

Zwarttech’s contribution, as a main sponsor of Zwart Talent Foundation, consists of:

    Free usage of our Facility in Lagos. It is a 24/7 hours secure building, 4 fully equipped air conditioned classrooms, computer facilities, Shuttle bus, operating costs, etc.

    The trainers, which are Senior Experts in their respective field. Like a Senior Full Stack Developer, Senior Front End Developer, Senior Back End Developer, Senior Microsoft Developer, and a Social Skills Expert;

    Training material.

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